Videoklip: Wiz Khalifa - Brainstorm

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I’m cool with the new me
Some niggas tell me they wish I’d
Go back to the old me
But don’t even know me!
Cause I be on some rich nigga shit
Guess they comfortable with the broke me
I blow by tha OZ
But you knew that and all you niggas knew this jack
And now you motherfuckers owe me
Some people ask why I be low-key
Guess I’m too real for me to act
Like I’m your homie
A lot of niggas try to get involved
When they see you make it on your own
Hear they songs, but they not as real
Cause when you got it all, something’s gotta give
And we ain’t talking if it’s not about a dollar bill

I got so many things running through my mind...
Just drink and smoke, wanna float, unwind...

Amazed how I get so much paper?
I’m more amazed how you could be such a hater!
Getting my lemonade squeezed fresh
No refrigerator touching my shit
Private island waiter, chef, maid, butler
Ride jet skis all day
Come home to bed already made for us
Niggas who’s winning like this they got a name for us
Fucking champions cause we run the game, Forrest


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