Videoklip: Rema - Soundgasm

Text piesne

Another banger
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Sexy love, what she need from a bad boy like me
Yeah, yeah
Sexy kisses, the thing that she end for my lips
Yeah, yeah
Man’s XXL is the only air that she breathe
And when I look into her eyes
I know that she can never get enough of me
Your body high me like lean
When we do it, skin to skin
And as you rush, they increase
I feel the drip inna your V
Shorty say she feeling sore
She grab my neck and she whisper, Please
Shorty give me dirty splash on my chest to my knees
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Shorty got a lot in her bucket list
I give her number one, she need a bucket quick
And when we done, she feel me like a majesty
Grape, grape, grape, grape
Grape, grape, grape, grape, mhmm
Round two, dey-dey-dey, mhmm
Round three, ebelebe
Next day, we go do am for your place
Make sure that your daddy is not home, mhmm
Make sure that your mummy is not home, mhmm
Switch off that television, mhmm
Netflix, not what I came here for, mhmm
Shorty better shut your door, mhmm
’Cause I no wan’ disturb neighbour, mhmm
Shorty like it when I drill her hole, mhmm
When I finish I go -
Baby girl, you body is my medicine
Sweet baby melanin, sweeter than sugarcane
If I hickey, hickey on her neck
Sex like a gangster, on my face, innocent
Stroke her pussy with my index
Shawty gotta orgasm
Tapping on that pussy like I’m tryna kill a motherfucking insect
Oh, ah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah